About Studio B

Studio B is the latest and greatest dance club in Bellingham, WA. The night club was opened on October 26, 2018 by Irene Lee-Sluys and Benjamin Lemons. Located on the top floor right above Bob’s Burgers and Brew, Studio B offers some of the best views of downtown Bellingham. Its clean and aesthetically pleasing interior is lined with a mix of classy, yet vibrant lighting to create a refreshing nightclub appearance.

How we started

Ben and Irene learned of club 202 and saw that the place wasn’t very popular. They saw that the club was for sale. They saw the potential. Irene is passionate about dance, Ben is a passionate musician. They wanted to create a space for the community to enjoy.

For the love of art. Studio B is a hub for local artists and talent.

Anyone can go here and be a part of the art community, even if they don’t create themselves.

Build local artistic atmosphere where people want to hang out, but it’s also a dope nightclub.

Our Mission

Be a fun and unique hub for everyone to dance, socialize, perform, create, collaborate, and showcase their talent.

For the love of art.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a unique nightclub experience that is unseen anywhere north of Seattle, and to be the best in regards to sound quality, talent, and aesthetics.

Our Values

Be Yourself, Be Passionate, Be Fun, Be Bold, Be Diverse, Build Community, Create a Positive Culture, Collaborate

The b team


Irene Lee-Sluys

ben photo.jpg

Benjamin Lemons


Evan Cooper