Featured Friday 07/05: Kingsgate set to redefine the Studio B atmosphere

This young DJ/Producer hails from Western Washington State, but strives to share his work through a variety of platforms to reach a diversified audience.

Kingsgate first developed an interest in music during childhood as he composed “rock” songs on a guitar that he received from his father. This helped the producer acknowledge his passion for the art, but he felt limited by a material instrument. Electronic music production re-ignited this passion, and allowed the young musician to begin developing a sound with no boundaries. The craft of electronic music production gives the user free-reign to arrange and synthesize audio in almost any manner.

With a discography built across numerous genres, Kingsgate’s original productions are sure to impress any listener. I’ve found his work to provide unique stylings, and phenomenal attention to detail.
Kingsgate is sure to bring a presence unlike anything our club has experienced before. Don’t miss the opportunity to turn up with the man himself before he really hits the wave.🌊