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Woozy Wednesday: Dime Life and DJ Nappyboy

  • Studio B 202 East Holly Street Bellingham, WA 98227 USA (map)

Doors 7PM | Show at 9:30PM | $5 Cover | Free with student ID | 21+

Dime Life is a family that was brought together in Bellingham, Washington through the shared love of music. Through the struggles of life, there’s growth to be found, by sticking together through trials and tribulations they live a lifestyle of brotherhood. "If it’s not good for one of us it’s not good for all of us."


Michael Pickett aka “K Pickett”
Hometown: St. Louis Mo
Major influencers: His Mother

Everything that K Pickett raps about in his songs he’s been through. The passion expressed through his music takes fans on a musical journey that paints a picture of his past, present, and future. Going through difficult circumstances such as losing loved ones and dealing with financial disparity during his childhood. Michael Pickett has time and time again proved that with faith and perseverance one can take life and shape it to any reality from a dream. Helped by many kind souls in the past such as his mother, every performance is done in her honor who has greatly influenced his life.

Jeremiah Griffith aka “J Plug”
Hometown: Sacramento, California (Raised in New Orleans)
Major influencers: Lil’ Wayne, Chance the Rapper, Allen Iverson

Being displaced in 2005 when hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Jeremiah left the tenth ward and has now found footing in Washington with his new found family, Dimelife. Living through homelessness, J Plug made nothing into something, a completely self-taught and self-made audio engineer, he’s worked hard to be able to create a home studio from scratch with the profit made from side hustles. Jeremiah is now in a position where he has the opportunity to turn dreams to a reality thanks to the comradery built with team members that share a bond through music.

Ronnie Owens aka “YP Lou Varon”
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Major influencers: Jay Critch, Lil Baby, 50 Cent, E-40 and T-Pain

Music expresses the journey that Ronnie Owens has lived through. Having experienced poverty and wealth he is a witness to what money does to people and for people. His art is for lost loved ones such as his aunt, Tonya. His dedication to music represents the city he comes from, Portland, Oregon. His work ethic is inspired by his brother Gu. With a work ethic, energy and unique voice that is unmatched, it’s no wonder why Dime Life has welcomed him with open arms.

Benny Valladolid aka “CA$$i STILL”
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Major influencers: Tupac, A$AP Rocky, Kodak Black, Future

Born in Los Angeles, California, Benny Valladolid was raised by older friends due to growing up with no father and losing his mother to cancer at the age of 8. Before finding artistic expression through the music he turned basketball to escape life and to find inner peace. Now known as CA$$i STILL on stage, he creates music that aims to help fans feel like they can overcome the difficulties they face on a daily basis from poverty to social issues. Everything done is to ensure a better future for their friends and family so that others have what they didn’t while growing up.

Esby Fiifi Yankson aka “SB”
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts (Grew up in Ghana, West Africa/Southside, Georgia)
Major influencers: Chance the Rapper, Chief Keef, Young Thug

Born in Boston, raised by his grandmother in Ghana, then with his mother in Southside Atlanta, Georgia aka Clayco. Esby Fiifi Yankson aka SB has had an uprooted childhood. One thing that kept him grounded was music. African, reggae, hip-hop, and RnB were some of the genres that guided him through those years. Artists such as Joey Badass, Chief Keef, and Young Thug have influenced his taste and style. Being a witness to the casualties of life at such a young age, SB wishes no harm to any others and is focused on the opportunities that are coming to him as he grows as a young talented artist. Coming from a situation where a day was a matter of survival, Esby Yankson takes his days to work on behalf of all those who came before him, that loved him, that held him down, that need him.

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